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Volume Knob for Sansui Alpha amplifier, used
Volume Knob for Sansui Alpha amplifier, used
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01.2SC2608 2SA1117 SANKEN genuine transistors NOS,UNUSED! ONE Pair
02.Sanken Transistors for Sansui AU-X1 / AU919 - 2SA1068 / 2SC2493
03.Sanken 2SA1116 2SC2607, NOS Never Used One Pair
04.NEC Driver Combination 2SB536 2SD382 - One Pair - NOS
05.TOSHIBA NOS 2SA1302 / 2SC3281 , one pair
06.Dual transistor 2SC2291 - NOS, ONE PAIR
07.Hitachi genuine 2SC984, hard to find, One Piece
08.Reed Relay DPST 24VDC - replacement for Hitachi reed relay
09.Toshiba 2SK405 (K405) plus 2SJ115 (J115) for Sansui HighEnd *
10.Toshiba predriver transistors 2SA818 / 2SC1628 - One Pair
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Important notice:

All customers from EU countries, now you can pay by IBAN bank money transfer only, all other customers from the rest of world,  you still can pay by PayPal,  but only after I send you a payment data by email.

I had some problems with automated PayPal payment process, so because of that, I have to make those changes.

After you bought some item what you need, the only payment method will be Cash on Delivery, but don’t worry, in the next my email to  you I will send you payment data.

Thank you for understanding!



I'd like to say just a few words about myself....

When I was a teenager Sansui made one of the best series HiFi receivers of all times called the Sansui  “G” series.
Some might say the Pioneer SX Series Silver Face receiver is better, but of those who have had the opportunity to listen to both, I think most of them would say that “G” receivers have better sound.

My first contact with HiFi devices was in 1979 when I received by mail a catalogue of HiFi products made by Sansui. Today, I still remember that I was very amazed with the quality of Sansui receivers in the “G” series. At this time there were very popular European companies in Croatia,like Saba and Grundig, but Sansui made receivers in a completely different way than they did. At this time I couldn’t afford to buy anything above a G3000 and finally I ended up getting a Sanyo JCX 2400, another “silver face” receiver but only because it had more power than Sansui G3000. I always had regrets that I did this, not because Sanyo was not good, but because it was not good like the Sansui “G” series.

After so many years, and after I had so many HiFi amplifiers - receivers, at 2005 I got a chance to buy a  very nice G5000.I bought it from a guy in Germany and paid 141.00 EUR for it. When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised about the cosmetic condition. It was like a brand new receiver with no damage at all and in the summer of 2005 I decided to restore it.  I bought a copy of Service Manual. I made a list of parts to buy. I remember I didn’t go to the beach that summer, I spent a lot of time in my garage with my Sansui G-5000. After I finished my job, I was really surprised with a fantastic sound that was coming out of that not so big receiver. It was much more better than my Yamaha Home Cinema receiver RXV620! I had one web-site about restoration on that nice Sansui receiver, but unfortunately it's gone now....

At 2006 I had a chance to get one G7000 from USA. This G 7000 receiver I bought on ebay cost me $185.00 US. Shipping was not  so expensive, because at that time USPS had the option shipping heavy things by boat, the bad thing was that I got it for two months. This receiver didn't look very good. It had been in a hands of a very poor tech and was not working properly at all. I think you would call him a butcher!  Again, lot of time and money I spent to get that receiver to a very good condition, and again I was very satisfied with the sound which was coming out of this receiver.

Today I have G22000 and G901DB Sansui receivers, totally restored. In the mean time, I am doing restorations on all Sansui vintage equipments. I restored G3000, G5000, G6000, G7000, G8000, G801, G9000, G901, G22000, AU-X1, AU20000, AU11000, AU9900, BA3000, CA3000, BA2000, AU-D9, AU317, AU717, TU-X1, TU9900...

At  you can see some of my restorations jobs..


I have a lot of original paper Service Manuals, NOS (New Old Stock) genuine electronic parts like transistors, integrated circuits, switches, selectors and completly electronic boards!

Some of those parts I am selling here, so please see how many and rare interesting things I have here to sell. If you are interested in any item, please write to me, and I'll try to answer as soon as possible.

Thank you!



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